Casing Centralizers

Technical Summary

Centralizers are essential in drilling operations as it keeps the casing positioned in the center of the wellbore. Drilling Tools International carries a wide range of the single piece bow springs, hinged bow springs and solid body steel centralizers.

In addition, Drilling Tools is the exclusive provider of the Arsenal Slip ‘N Slide Centralizer, a low friction engineered polymer centralizer. Used during casing running and cementing operations, this tool ensures casing strings efficiently reach total depth, provides optimal standoff for mud displacement and enhances cementing operations. The one-piece centralizer has an extremely low coefficient of friction, withstands high-impact loading, and is highly wear resistant.


Durable wear resistant engineered polymer
High compressive strength
Light weight, low density material
Short compact design
No vulnerable weak points
Maintains integrity in extreme temperatures
Made in the USA

Additional Information