Cajun Plugs

THE Evolutionary Flapper Plug

Cajun Plugs are designed with the customer's focus in mind. Unlike traditional fracking plugs, this Evolutionary Flapper Plug (EFP) reduces the need for coiled tubing milling by utilizing a flapper and seat which are respectively contoured to receive each other and form a seal or a plug. The flapper is dissolvable and can flap to the open position with pressure beneath overcoming the spring force, leaving a large flow area for flow back or production. Since the flapper is on a hinge and spring system, wellbore pressure can allow the well to flow or produce without milling or potentially having a ball flow up to the body of another plug assembly above – which could greatly reduce flow or even form a plug.

Cajun Plugs are run on a standard setting tool to allow proper placement and setting. The body of the plug is made of a ductile material and can be milled by coiled tubing should the need arise. Cajun Plugs also have an optional ball transfer system at the lower end. This greatly reduces friction as it allows the plug to "roll" on the ball transfers rather than drag along the walls of the casing. Thus, the integrity of the slips and seals are not compromised and are protected from damages and cuts since the OD at the ball transfer is slightly larger than the OD of the plug.

The optional ball transfer housing is made of aluminum, and the small balls are stainless steel. Cajun Plugs do not have a ball drop system, so time and money are also saved by eliminating the need to drop and pump several balls on seat. Additional savings are gained from the reduced water amount necessary to pump the balls on seat and the trucking costs associated to bring the water to location.


Robust design allows for larger flow area by utilizing flapper and seat instead of ball and seat
Design allows spring to keep flapper open once running tool is removed
10,000 psi differential
Spring-loaded flapper is made of dissolvable material (dissolve rate dependent on salinity of completion fluid)
Optional ball transfer system keeps the integrity of the slips and seals from damages
Flapper design allows for flow back/production
Optional ball transfer system lifts the plug off casing walls and “rolls” instead of drags by reducing friction


Reduces time and saves money
Reduces fluid consumption
Faster initial production time for end users
One run plug and perf system
Helps with footprint of equipment on location by reducing amount of equipment needed
Reduces potential incidents by streamlining personnel and equipment exposures

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