Drilling Accessories

Drilling Tools International offers a full line of surface and downhole accessories related to downhole drilling tools and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) components. All downhole tools are manufactured with either 4145 heat treated alloy steel or premium stainless steel (non-magnetic) materials in accordance with API specifications to ensure high quality products for every application.

Float Valves

Float valves, or non-return valves, are downhole safety valves which create barriers to prevent unwanted flow of fluids up the ID of the drill string. The valves prevent backflow while the rig crew make or break connections. More importantly, float valves are a critical component during well control occurrences. Drilling Tools International offers the full range of these valves including three variations of the Plunger-Type and four variations of the flapper-type valves, including autofill-type valves.

Ring Gauges

Drilling Tools’ precision machined and calibrated ring gauges can quickly verify the tool’s outside diameter and are used to determine correct fit for tripping purposes, directional control and to identify abrasive wear on stabilizers and other drill string components exposed to formation wear.

Tool Baskets

Drilling Tools International offers a variety of shipping baskets for transporting tools to and from the rig site locations. Baskets are selected based on whether the tools are shipping to a land or offshore installation. Drilling Tools ensures all applicable safe handling codes and design criteria are met for each job requirement.

Lift Bails and Caps

Drilling Tools’ lift bails and caps serve two primary functions. They protect the API threads from potential handling damage and offer an easy way to lift and place tools as required.

Baffle Plates/Crows Feet

Drilling Tools’ baffle plates help protect Bottom Hole Assembly equipment from damage from objects missed by conventional screens. These products are primarily used to land survey tools dropped or run on wireline into the ID of the drill string. These items are placed above the float valve to prevent damage to the valve from tools run inside the drill pipe and BHA.

Ditch Magnets

Ditch magnets are the most effective means of trapping and removing metal particles and metal contaminants from drilling mud. The ditch magnet is particularly valuable during milling operations and can be run in the mud ditch or in the shale shaker discharge area. Drilling Tools offers a variety of magnet designs to meet your requirements and application needs.

Thread Protectors

Drilling Tools carries a variety of thread protectors ranging from composite heavy-duty plastic to pressed steel for both internal and external pipe threads. These durable coverings offer impact protection during normal operations, transportation, handling, and storage.

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