Message from Our CEO

"Many ESG principles are naturally embedded in our business, however we are always looking for additional ways we can deliver a sustainable future. One of our core values at DTI is innovation, allowing us to continuously create value for our team, our customers, our stakeholders, and our communities. At DTI, we strive to maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. We seek to act in a transparent manner and create a culture where people want to work here and one that leaves a positive mark on the communities in which we operate. As we look to the future, we will always stay true to ourselves and our stakeholders while being a part of a positive impact on the environment and our people. I am excited for the future and DTI’s part in a more resilient world."

- Wayne Prejean, CEO of Drilling Tools International

Our ESG Commitments

Our ESG commitments are consistent with how our business operates: with the highest values, transparency, and integrity. We continually work to maintain a positive impact within our industry to ensure a sustainable future for our company, our people, and our planet.


DTI takes pride in conducting operations in an environmentally conscious manner and promoting sustainability throughout our operations. Our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint is centered on a high level of awareness and a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. We have committed to manage and track performance in the following environmental areas:

  • Measuring and tracking greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and our carbon footprint.
  • Energy management including tracking fuels used, electricity usage and renewable energy.
  • Water and wastewater management.
  • Waste minimization, reuse and management including promoting a circular economy through our tool refurbishment programs.
  • Chemical use management and reduction.
  • Helping to improve air quality by reducing emissions through our Air Program.
  • Incorporating environmental best management practices throughout our operations.
  • Environmental stewardship through ecological consciousness and assessing potential environmental impacts of DTI operations.
  • Supporting energy transition markets (geothermal, carbon capture and storage, and other renewable projects) through redeployment of equipment.


As a global business, DTI is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standard and placing the wellbeing of our stakeholders, including our employees, contractors, customers, and suppliers as a top priority. We work to understand stakeholder interests and expectations, and act accordingly through the following programs:

  • Workforce Health, Safety and Security: Safety is our top priority. We maintain top tier housekeeping and industrial hygiene standards in which to work and to comply with all relevant occupational health and safety laws. Learn more here
  • Product safety and quality under the framework of our Quality Management System (QMS) and Objectives. Learn More Here
  • Equal Employment Opportunity: Our employment practices are structured to create a welcoming environment for a best-in-class workforce. We strive to create a culture of Safe, Inspired, and Productive employees via our SIP employee incentive programs.
  • Workforce Development through training and professional development programs.
  • Employee Engagement by providing meaningful work, responding to feedback and strong support from management.
  • Comprehensive Employee Benefits.
  • Community Engagement programs and charity events.


Sustainability is a priority for the DTI Board of Directors and is a core element of our corporate strategy and risk management program. The Board of Directors provides oversight for our ESG program and receives regular updates on sustainability matters.

Corporate governance at DTI is based on high ethical standards, integrity, respect for people and care for the environment. Our strong business ethics and compliance program and policies within these areas form the basis for responsible management throughout the organization and prevention of corruption and bribery in our value chain.

DTI's leadership team is focused on deriving long-term value for all stakeholders via:

  • Management of the legal and regulatory environment through an experienced leadership team and strong internal controls. Learn more here
  • Effective risk management for organizational sustainability.
  • Employee relations and workplace grievances procedures.

Our Next Steps

ESG is about reviewing and improving on past trends to forge a path to a sustainable future. At DTI, our ESG journey as an ongoing effort to create a positive impact and track our performance so we can continuously improve. We will continue to advance our ESG objectives to meet the needs of our stakeholders and ensure long-term environmental, social, and governance success of our operations.