Technical Summary

Wellbore Conditioning Technology

Drill-N-Ream® is the latest innovation added to our product offering. Well bore conditioning technology is required for enabling oil and gas operators to achieve the technical limits of today‚Äôs drilling challenges. Drill-N-Ream can effectively reduce/eliminate back reaming or reaming runs in both motor and RSS applications. Make this the preferred choice for your wellbore quality solution.

Drilling Tools International is the authorized North American/Canadian distributor for Drill-N-Ream. More details about Drill-N-Ream can be found on the Superior Drilling Products' website.


  • Hole Quality Benefits
  • Reduce torque and drag
  • Reduction in hook loads
  • Reduce stick/slip
  • Drilling Performance Benefits
  • Enhance weight transfer to bit
  • Improve rate of penetration
  • Minimize mud motor failures
  • Increase bit life
  • More effective differential pressure
  • Diminish downhole vibration
  • Lower MSE
  • Shorten trip times
  • Casing Efficiency
  • Improve consistency of casing installation
  • Improve casing life and fatigue
  • Improve cementing quality

Patented Features

Opposing eccentric PDC reamers centralize and stabilize cutting forces
Eccentric design capable of enlarging bore hole drift up to 1/4" over bit size
Progressive blades incrementally shear the formation with minimal torque
Profile relief efficiently draws the PDC cutting zone into the formation
Diamond domes protect the casing and PDC cutting structure during trips and drill outs
US Patents 8,752,649 | 8,813,877 | 8,851,205 | 9,163,460


Tool Size (ID) 1 1/2" - 3 3/4"
Tool Size (OD) 4 3/4" - 14 3/4"
Length 8' - 10'
Weight 350 - 1,200 lbs
Connections Any
Max Pull Thread Dependent
*Tools can be customized for each application
**Standard tool size = 1/16" over bit size

Additional Information