Credentialed Wellsite Access

WellFence is a sophisticated service that provides comprehensive automated personnel credentialed access for oilfield locations. With strategically positioned checkpoint towers in addition to towers with integrated gates, WellFence increases the safety and integrity of wellsites by ensuring that every visitor is signed in and out from location. Real-time personnel rosters are immediately accessible on and off location, and safety communications and operator-specific orientations are automated.

Drilling operations can reduce location access costs with initial immediate savings around 50% when compared to traditional access services. By positively verifying the identity of wellsite visitors before entering and exiting location, third party billing audits are conducted in seconds.

Real-time wellsite personnel data provides valuable insight for analysis of behavior that impacts safety and drilling performance. Measuring the time on location of site visitors with certainty automates OSHA man-hours reporting and simplifies the regulatory burden while saving time, money, and opportunity cost.

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  • Tower has a customizable 24/7 FM broadcast to educate arriving visitors about location requirements, hazards, conditions, etc.
  • Barcode scanner reads visitor credentials in seconds, making access quick and easy
  • 360° array of cameras equipped with motion detection keep a panoramic view of location and provide critical data points for each visitor entering and exiting
  • Optional PTZ camera kit offers extreme visibility for advanced applications to view details from long distances
  • Live video access
  • High visibility signal lights provide feedback for entrance/exit
  • Minimal environmental footprint, lightweight, and able to relocate in minutes
  • Wellsite roster access from your device

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