Blowout preventors and Pressure Control Equipment

Blowout preventors (BOPs) and pressure control equipment are the safeguards of the oil industry. They are critical to the safety of personnel, drill rigs/equipment, and the environment. In an instance of an uncontrolled flow (formation kick), a BOP’s key purpose is to shut down the valve and stop crude oil, drill pipe, tools, and drilling fluid from being blown from the wellbore. Premium Tools carries all the key components for safe, secure drilling operations. The equipment is either built, purchased, or assembled in the U.S.A. and adheres to manufacturer's Conformance of Compliance (COC) policy. Premium’s inventory includes:

  • Blowout Preventors – National Oilwell Varco and Shaffer
  • Rams – Various Sizes
  • BOP Tandem Boosters
  • BOP Shear Bonnets
  • BOP Operating Hoses
  • Accumulators – Diesel/Electric/Air
  • Gate Valves – Manual/Hydraulic/Air Actuated
  • Double Studded Adaptors
  • Flanges – Blind, Companion, Weld-neck, and Bell Nipple
  • Plug Valves
  • Safety Valves, Lower Kelly Valves, and Inside BOP Valves
  • Spools – Drilling, Spacer, and Adaptor
  • Tees – Crosses
  • Chokes – Manual Adjustable/Fixed Orifice
  • Manifolds – Skid Mounted Custom Buffers Assembled to Specification
  • Stud Bolts – B7M H2S Service

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