Technical Summary

The Next Generation of Extended Reach Drilling

The RotoSteer ™ tool is positioned above an existing steerable BHA to drive the BHA independently from the drill string. Developing torque from drill string rotation, RotoSteer enables the continuous rotation of the drill string during all drilling operations. It eliminates the need for agitation tools while attaining the benefits of a rotary steerable in extended reach applications. RotoSteer utilizes a steerable BHA with the addition of a specialized drilling motor-based device. This tool produces torque from drill string rotation which is used to counteract the torque generated from the drilling motor, allowing for continuous rotation while sliding. The RotoSteer in conjunction with the steerable BHA acts as a "Point the Bit" system and is a cost-effective option for drilling longer reach horizontal wells.

During drilling ahead operations (higher string rpm), RotoSteer allows the BHA to rotate in conjunction with the drill string. During sliding operations (lower drill string rpm), RotoSteer counteracts the drilling motor reactive torque, holding the BHA stationary with small changes in drill string RPM or WOB adjustments.

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Reduced cost in steerable BHA applications through improved ROP by reducing torque and drag and improved hole cleaning
Further cost savings in the completion of the well with reduced doglegs and improved borehole quality
Simple installation and operation; The RotoSteer is installed above the BHA in the drill string and requires no special handling or orientation
Easily adjustable for a variety of mud motors and drilling conditions
Limits torque output while preventing the damaging effects of "stalling" the PDM
Uses familiar conventional drilling methods; Controlled by balancing RPM and WOB

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