Premium Handling Tools



An essential component to drilling ops, elevators are hinged clamps that lift and lower drill pipe, casing, and tubing into the drilling hole. Premium Tools carries a variety of styles including bottleneck, slimhole, single joint, bushing type, and slip type.

Becket and Bails Assembly

Bails are lifting rods with eyes on both ends while the U-shaped bails suspend pipe elevators. Premium Tools becks and bails come in a variety of sizes to best fit every specific need.

Bowl and Slip

Insert bowls have a cylindrical body with a tapered inner surface that supports the slips. Premium Tools’ bowls can accommodate various size casings.


Rotary slips are used to grip the upper part of a drill string to the oil rig drill floor. Slips are designed as a set of hinged metal wedges that form a circular shape around the pipe, casing, or tubing.


Manual tongs are rig tools used for turning drill pipe, casing, or other tubing. Premium Tools offers the HT-200 rotary tong, the type-C tong, and the Kelco type tong among others.

Stabbing Guides

Premium Tools’ stabbing guides function to reduce damage to connections and are available in different styles.

Safety Clamps

Premium Tools’ safety clamps are designed with flexibly hinged links with tapered slips that securely grip the pipe or collar. The taped mounting offers protection against pipe slippage by wedging against the surface if the pipe shifts. Safety clamps come in a variety of sizes.


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