WellFence Credentialed Wellsite Access
January 2019

In January 2019, Drilling Tools International launched a distribution partnership with WellFence of its credentialled wellsite access technology for drilling, completions, and production locations. Using strategically positioned check point towers with 360-degree cameras, WellFence automates the verification of personnel entering and exiting the wellsites, thereby increasing the safety and integrity of the locations. The WellFence technology also incorporates easily accessible data to check man hours, credentials, authorized locations, available operator safety courses, and more.

Drilling operations can significantly reduce location access costs compared to traditional access services. By positively verifying the identity of wellsite visitors before entering and exiting location, third party billing audits are conducted in seconds with precision in order to realize additional cost saving opportunities for operators.

The WellFence tower has a customizable 24/7 FM broadcast to educate arriving visitors about location requirements, hazards, and conditions. Its array of cameras equipped with motion detection keep a panoramic view of location and provide critical data points for each visitor entering and exiting. A barcode scanner reads visitor credentials in seconds, making access quick and easy. The tower has a minimal and lightweight environmental footprint and can be relocated in minutes.

For more information, contact sales@wellfence.com