CamDrill™ (Patent Pending)

The CamDrill™ (Patent Pending) was specifically designed to address the problem of hole cleaning in high angle drilling.

Technology in bit and mud design have enhanced the ability to achieve a high ROP (rate of penetration) that exceeds the limits of effective hydraulic hole cleaning while drilling. Drilling practices have been modified to include remedial procedures to remove cuttings from the hole before completing the well. Short trips, accelerated pipe rotation speeds, high pump rates, sweeps and reaming runs, are all procedures that assist in cleaning the hole; requiring additional rig time. The CamDrill™ is designed to provide a mechanical lift and acceleration of the cuttings while drilling and can minimize, and in some cases eliminate the need for other time consuming procedures. The CamDrill™ tools are strategically placed in the drill string every 3-4 stands (approximately 300 feet apart) starting from 300 feet above the BHA, and all the way through the curve.

When the drill pipe is rotated its geometry sweeps and cleans cuttings buildup on the bottom of the wellbore by creating a turbulent flow around the tool. This allows the cuttings to rise to the high side and travel further up the well bore, providing efficient hole cleaning. The ability to effectively clean the hole while drilling limits non-productive and remedial time such as clean up and wiper trips. Ask about the CamDrill™ and see how we can solve your drilling challenges.